African Herbs

African herbs have been used for centuries to treat a variety of ailments. Herbs, plants, and flowers are grown in abundance throughout the continent, and it is believed that around 75% of the African population relies on natural remedies for good health.

This has also increased due to African trade with other countries, such as China, who are also heavily dependent on herbs for health reasons.

It is also thought that around 80% of all the plants, herbs, and flowers grown in Africa offer some form of heath benefit.

Herbs from Africa are now becoming popular worldwide, although many are still unknown in the western world.

The Benefits of Herbs from Africa
One such herb originating from Africa that has recently become popular is called hoodia (Hoodia Gordonii). This herb is recognized as a massive breakthrough in the weight loss and dietary supplement niche. Hoodia was traditionally used by hunters in Africa to stave off hunger while out gathering foods.

Kanna, which is sometimes referred to as Sceletium (Sceletium tortuosium) is considered a natural Prozac and is used by many people to great effect. Prescription mood enhancers can often be addictive and cause harm to the body; however, kanna does not have the same problems, making it one of the safest mood enhancers available.

African herbal medicine is also used to treat ailments such as urinary tract infections (UTI’s), and the Buchu shrub (Agathosma betulina) is used widely by herbalists for those patients who suffer from this and similar health complaints.

Many people use ginger to relieve themselves of the symptoms of a variety of ailments; however, very few of those people realize that ginger is an African herbal medicine.

Ginger can help to stave off colds, and it can bring relief from migraines. Ginger is also popular for pregnant women, as it can help to relieve morning sickness and other symptoms associated with pregnancy, such as heartburn and motion sickness. It can also act as a mild pain reliever.

Aloe is also derived from Africa and is one of the most commonly used plants worldwide. Many people are now opting for aloe remedies to relieve complaints such as sunburn or skin irritations. Aloe vera is used in many cosmetics and toiletries as a popular skin treatment due to its healing properties.

Using African Herbal Medicine
African herbs in fresh form can be bought in many supermarkets. Other specialized herbal supplements from Africa will more likely be found from an herbalist or health food store. They are available in several forms such as capsules, dried plant for steeping teas, or in liquid form (as Kanna is often supplied).

Choosing the right herbal supplement can make a vast difference to the overall well-being of most people. However, anyone considering taking an herbal remedy should first consult their medical practitioner.

Although herbal remedies are considered very safe, they may have a counter effect on medicines already being taken, but a professional herbalist or doctor should be able to advise on the correct dosages to suit each individual need.


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