Artichoke Extract Benefits

Artichoke2Artichoke extract has a number of medicinal benefits and was used extensively by ancient cultures such as the Greeks.

They recommended it for aiding the digestive process, though its benefits for the liver became known more recently.

Artichokes are primarily grown for use as a vegetable in cooking, and the extract is taken from the leaf, although there may be medicinal benefits in the roots as well.

A number of clinical studies have been carried out into the effectiveness of artichoke leaf extract as an herbal remedy. These have verified its medicinal properties and confirm that it can be used to aid a number of disorders and help various processes in the body. Artichoke supplements are available in the form of tablets or tea.

Artichoke Health Benefits
Artichoke extract can improve the functioning of major organs such as the liver. It can help to prevent damage to the liver and helps the detoxification process of the body. Each time the liver deals with toxins, it damages itself, and artichoke can strengthen the liver and bring healing.

Artichoke can also prevent the occurrence of liver disease. The use of an artichoke supplement can help to regenerate the cells of the liver.


Artichoke leaf extract can reduce levels of LDL cholesterol in the blood, which can help prevent heart disease. It can break down cholesterol, and increased bile production helps to remove it from the system. It can also prevent the liver from producing too much cholesterol.

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Artichoke tea can have a positive effect on the digestive system. Use of artichoke as an herbal remedy can encourage the production of bile, which helps the body to digest fats and acts to protect the intestines from acids.

Bile helps the liver to remove toxins from the body. It is soothing on irritation in the stomach and bowel so can help with conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome and can help to prevent the build-up of gas in the digestive tract.

Its ability to process fats in the body can be beneficial for weight loss. There are a number of weight loss supplements on the market that have artichoke extract as an ingredient.

The herb is a natural diuretic, which helps to prevent water retention and helps the kidneys to function properly.

Studies are being carried out into the effectiveness of artichoke leaf extract for diseases such as HIV and cancer due to its ability to remove toxins and support the immune system.

Artichoke Precautions
The majority of people will be able to enjoy artichoke health benefits without any ill effects at all. However, it is important to adhere to recommended dosage. A small number of users have reported an increase of gas in the digestive tract.

Those who are suffering from gallstones or any disorder of the bile ducts should not use artichoke tea or other supplements due to its stimulation of bile production. Pregnant or nursing women should seek the advice of their doctor before beginning to use artichoke extract.


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