Herbal Quit Smoking Aids

Herbal quit smoking aids are becoming more popular as people strive to take better care of their health. Any smoker will tell you that there is nothing harder than trying to quit, but anyone who has succeeded will tell you that once that goal is achieved there is no greater feeling of accomplishment.

Sometimes will power alone is not enough, but there are natural stop smoking aids for those who need a helping hand.

Herbs to Stop Smoking

  • A popular herb for those who wish to break an addiction, oatstraw can be taken as a tincture or in tea form. Oatstraw helps to boost the nervous system, thereby reducing the craving to smoke, making it an excellent quit smoking aid.
  • Valerian is a well known herbal sedative. It helps to calm the body. Valerian is very safe to use and can continue to be used for several months.
  • St John’s wort is another herbal relaxant, working in the same way as the valerian and is often used together with valerian in herbal anti-anxiety blends. St John’s wort can also aid the respiratory system, making it an ideal supplement for those wishing to quit smoking naturally.  St John’s wort can be bought in capsule form from most health food stores.

Crave RX by Native Remedies is an all-natural, herbal stop smoking aid containing St. John’s wort and other herbs to help ease anxiety due to nicotine withdrawal. Read more about Crave RX, its benefits, and testimonials here.


  • Coenzyme Q10 is very popular as a powerful antioxidant. It facilitates an increase of oxygen to the brain and supports healthy heart and lung function, which in turn helps in the fight to stop smoking naturally and also helps to reduce the damage caused by smoking on the body.
  • Grape seed extract is another supplement that can be used as an herbal quit smoking aid. It has a positive effect on the respiratory system, helping to repair lung damage and reduce the risk of heart disease and fight against emphysema.

Sometimes quit smoking aids alone are not enough, as the withdrawal symptoms can sometimes be severe enough for someone to just start smoking again.

Taking a combination of vitamins A, C, and E can help to reduce the withdrawal symptoms for those wishing to give up smoking. The vitamins are full of antioxidant properties, helping the body to clear itself of the toxins much more quickly, which should reduce cravings and time spent in the withdrawal phase.

An increase in vitamin C is also recommended, as smoking depletes the vitamin C from the body, and replacing it can help to boost the immune system.

Lobelia is thought to be a nicotine substitute and can be an excellent natural stop smoking aid when going through the withdrawal phase of smoking cessation.

It can aid the smoker by reducing irritability, which is a common symptom of nicotine withdrawal, and also reduce hunger, thereby alleviating the weight gain often associated with quitting smoking.

Lobelia is thought to be very toxic and should only be used after consultation with a medical professional.

Precautions of Quit Smoking Aids
Obviously, quitting smoking is beneficial to your health, but any herbal supplement taken for this reason should first have the approval of a medical health professional, as some herbs can have a detrimental effect on medications already being taken. A doctor can also recommend correct dosages to suit each individual’s need.