Best Antifungal Herbs

Antifungal herbs can be found in most kitchens worldwide. Some can even be found growing wild and, therefore, cost nothing to use. Using anti fungal herbs not only to reduce any itching or relieve irritation from the affected area but to rid the area of all causes of the problem is the only way to ensure the problem is completely clear.

Fungal infections are relatively easy to clear, but if it is not done properly they can quickly return to cause further problems.

Antifungal Properties of Garlic
One of the best antifungal herbs has to be garlic.

Garlic has fabulous antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and thus can work wonders with areas affected by fungal infections.

Garlic can also effectively fight bacteria that many antibiotics have no effect on.

Taking garlic daily in food or in supplement form is beneficial in helping to prevent a fungal outbreak but can also be used in oil or powder form as a rub on the affected area to get directly to the issue if a breakout has already occurred.

Other Antifungal Herbs
Herbs such as echinacea and milk thistle have many herbal antifungal benefits as well. Not only can these herbs help improve the skin’s appearance as free radicals are eliminated, they also help to boost the immune system.

This boost causes a detoxifying effect for clearer and healthier looking skin and also makes the skin stronger in order to better fight future infections.

Using Herbs For Nail Fungus
Herbal antifungal creams can be bought in many health food stores or large supermarkets. These include ingredients such as tea tree oil, which is one of the most popular of the anti-fungal home remedies. Tea tree oil can also be used directly onto the skin to help combat the fungal infection at the source of the problem.

Anyone who finds themselves with thick and discoloured toenails is likely to have some form of nail fungus. The state of the nails if left untreated can be unsightly, and in some cases the nails fall off completely. Bathing the feet daily in water that contains antifungal herbs can help to reduce the problem. Other treatments will need to be applied directly to the affected area.

Herbs for nail fungus include garlic in oil form and tea tree oil as well as apple cider vinegar. These can all be applied using a cotton ball. Treatment should be administered daily after first washing the area with the area being thoroughly dried afterwards.

Improvements should be noticeable in just a few days, although depending on the severity of the problem it can take several weeks or even months for a total cure of the fungal infection.

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General Antifungal Health
There are a wide range of fungal infections from thrush to athlete‚Äôs foot. There are herbal remedies to ease the symptoms of each ailment. Thrush and athlete’s foot often share the same cause of prolonged wetness.

When skin is left damp for long periods, such as when sweating, the skin can become irritated and a fungal infection develop.

Keeping the area as clean and dry as possible will help, and allowing the area to breathe for longer periods between activity will help to reduce breakout frequencies. This could mean simply swapping running shoes for sandals in the summer or other small changes to the daily routine.

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