Herbal Ear Infection Remedies

There is a growing need for herbal ear infection remedies as more people reject conventional medications. Having an ear infection can mean countless trips to the doctor, a course or even several courses of antibiotics and pain killers, all in search of an ear infection cure.

But what are the alternatives?

There are many herbal ear infection remedies to be tried, some of which may already be in the available in the kitchen.

•Hepar sulph, also known as calcium sulphide, is available in both liquid and tablet form to be taken orally.

This can help to clear the discharge from infected ears.

•Echinacea is a very well known immune booster, and although it is not a specific cure for ear infections it can greatly reduce the life span of the infection, effectively speeding recovery.

•Garlic has been known for his antibiotic properties and is an excellent ear infection remedy. A few drops of garlic oil placed onto cotton wool and inserted into ears can help clear up an ear infection. Also, adding garlic to food on a regular basis can also help to prevent reoccurrence of ear problems by boosting the immune system.

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Ear Infection Remedies

•Mullein oil gently warmed and placed in the ear can greatly ease the pain and discomfort caused by an ear infection. After inserting the oil, cover the ear with cotton wool or a warm cloth, then lie on one side to allow the oil to drain into the ear.

•Holy basil juice can be used as drops in the ear. This can help to reduce infection due to its cleansing and disinfecting properties.

•Onion is a little-known ear infection natural cure. The juice from an onion can be dripped into the ear to relieve pain, although some may find that this stings a little.

•Olive oil or castor oil are both natural remedies for ear infection, and they are easy and simple to use. Just warm a little on a spoon and then drip into the affected ear to ease the pain from an infection. Plug the ear with a little cotton wool after administering to keep the oil from dripping out.

The antiseptic properties of lemon balm can help to aid a speedy recovery from ear infections. Just apply one or two drops carefully into the ear 2 to 3 times daily.

•Ginger root when juiced together with an apple or carrot as a drink or added to cooking can help to ease an ear infection. It is well known for having anti-inflammatory properties and as an added bonus tastes great.

•Turmeric is an excellent ear infection natural cure, as it has anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties. This spice can either be added to food to get the spice into the system, or made into a tea with a little honey.

•St John’s wort oil can reduce inflammation, as it has anti-viral properties. St John’s wort is also a popular relaxant and can help to reduce the pain associated with ear infections.

If you experience any adverse reactions to any of these ear infection remedies, be sure to contact your healthcare provider, and, as always, be extra cautious about taking herbal remedies while using medications.

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Ear Infection Remedies