Essential Oils For Acne

There are many excellent essential oils for acne treatment that can help eliminate those pesky and irritating red bumps that seem to pop up at anytime and anywhere.

Unfortunately, a lot of products on the market contain ingredients that you can’t pronounce, and more often than not these chemicals are not good for the body – Not to mention the products “clear skin by morning” false promises.

Luckily, essential oils for acne have been proven to eliminate those unwanted bumps the natural way.

Acne and Essential Oil
Tea tree oil has been used for centuries to treat cuts, scrapes, scars and even acne. It derives from the leaves of the Melaleuca Alternifolia plant, which is native to only Australia.

The Benefits of Tea Tree Oil
This oil serves as a fabulous antibacterial property that helps to kill off the p. acnes bacteria of the skin. P. acnes is responsible for harboring in the sebum that is produced through sebaceous glands. An overabundance of this oil causes it to get trapped, increasing the growth of bacteria and acne on the skin.

Tea tree oil is one of the best essential oils for acne because not only does it kill off the bacteria that causes acne in the first place, but it helps with inflammation and redness of the skin.

If you have mild acne scars that are not deep pockets, then it is a good possibility that tea tree oil can help reduce those unwanted marks. Nobody wants the constant reminder of an acne day gone bad!

The Benefits of Rosewood Oil
Tea tree oil is not the only herbal acne remedy that is effective.

Rosewood oil is one of the most unique essential oils for acne because of its magical way of rejuvenating the skin. The oil comes from the wood of the rosewood tree, which grows in a tropical rainforest.

The oil’s antiseptic properties help keep the skin clean and refreshed. Cell and tissue growth is increased to help heal the skin of acne.

This tonic works great to eliminate acne scars and other skin issues because of the medicinal properties that enhance cell rejuvenation.

Acne can sometimes be physically painful, especially those underground bumps known as cysts. Rosewood pil can decrease the painful feeling and help break down the dirt and oil trapped beneath the skin by killing off bacteria.

The Benefits of Coconut Oil
A herbal acne remedy is one of the best natural solutions in helping to eliminate the signs of acne. One of my favorite remedies, however, is unrefined coconut oil.

Coconut oil has incredible moisturizing properties that help keep the skin soft and supple. Having dry skin can cause redness and irritation, causing acne breakouts to become worse.

Applying coconut oil to your face can be very soothing. This is nice for those with stressed out skin.

If you suffer from painful cysts that leave unwanted scars on your skin, then coconut oil will be your new best friend. Cysts will be smaller and fewer with less pain, and scars will be minimized and less noticeable.

Acne no longer has to control your life. YOU control your acne. Essential oils for acne can help you take charge of your skin by delivering natural properties that fight off dirt, oil, and bacteria. You will notice clean, clear, and smoother skin through herbal remedies.

More Acne Herbal Remedies

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