Essential Oils Recipes

There are a number of essential oils recipes available for various types of products. It is important when mixing essential oils that they are used in the right quantities and blended correctly as some oils may cause a reaction if not used correctly.

All oils are classified as either a ‘top’ note, ‘middle’ note or ‘bottom’ note. This refers to the strength and longevity of the fragrance. Middle note oils usually form the basis of an aromatherapy blend and one can add either top or bottom notes, but it is fine to use both. Examples of popular middle note oils are chamomile, lavender, rosemary and fennel.

Sensual Essential Oil Perfume Recipe
For this you will need to add 6 drops of bergamot oil, 4 drops of neroli, and 3 drops of lavender oil to 10 ml of jojoba carrier oil. The oils should be stirred with a glass rod and stored in a dark glass bottle in a cool place.

Anti-Cellulite Massage Oil
This is an easy essential oil recipe for a beginner to try. It requires 40 ml of carrier oil, such as grape seed or sweet almond oil, to which is added 10 drops of fennel essential oil and 10 drops of grapefruit. To mix use a glass rod or shake the mixture gently. If this oil is stored in a dark bottle in a cool place the blend will last several weeks.

Concentration Spray
Spring water can be placed in a spray bottle to which can be added rosemary and peppermint essential oils. The concentrations will depend on the size of the bottle but an estimate would be a total of 30 drops of essential oil for every 100 ml of water.

Sleep Easy Pillow Spray
This is one of the favorite essential oils recipes. Some people may choose to just place a few drops of lavender oil on their pillow to achieve a good night’s sleep, but the full strength essential oil may be overpowering for others.

Using a spray bottle with 100 ml of spring water and 15 – 20 drops of lavender oil and 10 – 15 drops of chamomile oil is an alternative. This can be lightly sprayed near the pillow, on the headboard and even on curtains to give the room a calm atmosphere for promoting sleep.

Acne Skin Treatment
A few drops of this blend can be massaged into the skin a few times a week to help ease acne and calm the skin. Most carrier oils can be used, but jojoba and sweet almond oil are both light enough to use on the face.

To 10 ml of carrier oil can be added 5 drops of lavender, 3 drops of tea tree oil and 3 drops of chamomile. This oil can be stored in a cool place and will keep for several weeks.

Care should be taken not to use more than a few drops. It should be massaged into the skin gently after cleansing. After half an hour use a tissue to blot away any excess oil. This is ideal as a night treatment as the skin can repair itself better while we are sleeping.

When a beginner at blending essential oils recipes, it is better to use the ones you are most familiar with first and add others in as you learn about them. If in any doubt, consult a qualified professional.

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