Garlic Cures – Natural Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic Cures
Garlic cures are numerous, and as tasty as it is when used as flavoring, garlic has a lot of value as an herbal remedy outside of the kitchen.

The various health benefits of garlic have been proven time and again, and this terrific herb is well worth including in your arsenal of herbal remedies.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic as well as a natural antiviral and antifungal, making it a potent enemy of many ailments to mankind.

Garlic and Cholesterol

One of the most prominent of garlic cures is its ability to lower LDL cholesterol levels in the blood.

While cholesterol and garlic studies have yet to reveal the true cholesterol-lowering components of garlic, it has been proven through experience that a person’s cholesterol will get lowered by consuming garlic.

Whether eating it raw or brewing a tea with hot water or milk, simply consuming the garlic itself helps to reduce cholesterol levels. It does not hurt to chomp on a clove or two a day, chase it with water or milk, then observe the results after about two weeks.

However, if this tends to run your friends away and you’d rather have a stronger, more concentrated, yet less “smelly” alternative, there are many wonderful garlic supplements available in the form of garlic pills or capsules.

Garlic Health Benefits – Hypertension

Another of the garlic cures that comes directly from the lowering of cholesterol is the resulting affect on high blood pressure, or hypertension.

When cholesterol levels are lowered, this in turn helps to lower blood pressure levels. This could prove quite helpful for individuals who are experiencing heart problems. Because the cholesterol levels are lowered, in effect lowering blood pressure as well, the heart is placed under less strain to operate. The risk for a heart attack or similar heart conditions is then lowered.

It is definitely worth a try, considering the health benefits of garlic with virtually no side effects (apart from the odor) and much lower expense than drugs.

Garlic Health Benefits – Strengthening the Immune System

Since garlic is a natural antibiotic, another of the garlic cures we can’t ignore is that of its ability to greatly strengthen the immune system.

Garlic definitely can prevent or shorten the life of a cold, cough, or infection, whether bacterial or viral in origin.

The vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin C and amino acids, in the garlic all help to contribute to strengthening the body’s immune system, shielding and protecting it from various ills and diseases.

Garlic cures are particularly effective in handling all varieties of infections, from those affecting the respiratory system to yeast infections that have taken root in the more sensitive parts of the body. (More on that below.)

Raw garlic, garlic tea, or garlic supplements are excellent ways to introduce the substance to your body. Raw garlic may be too tough for people who dislike the flavor of garlic, so in this case it’s best to choose one of the high-quality garlic supplements on the market.

You can also use fresh garlic cloves cut up, steep them in hot water like you would tea leaves, and then slowly sip the decoction. You could even replace the hot water with milk for a very unique flavor, one that is strong but creamy.

Because garlic cures are herbal, you can expect very few, if any at all, side effects to occur. The worst you would probably experience is some bad breath if you have been eating too much garlic straight up.  But that’s definitely worth the health benefits of garlic consumption!

Garlic Cures – Yeast Infections

Another of the very potent garlic health benefits includes its use in treating yeast infections. Garlic is one of the best yeast infection home remedies available. As well as being a natural antibiotic, garlic is also a powerful natural antifungal agent that fights against fungus and yeast.

Taken both internally and externally, garlic helps bring quick relief to the terrible itching and discharge of yeast infections.

For internal use, insert either the pure garlic oil from capsules or use a freshly peeled garlic clove, replacing every few hours. It is best to catch a yeast infection early on, preferrably before the itching starts, when clearing it up will be easier and quicker.

For easier removal, sew a string through the middle before inserting a fresh garlic clove. Because of the strong smell and also the strong taste that often builds up in the mouth, it is easiest to treat with garlic at nighttime before bed.

Garlic Cures – Warts

Using garlic extract one to two times a day on your warts will effectively eradicate them in one to two weeks. Since garlic is also an antiviral, and warts are caused by a virus, its a natural herbal remedy choice for those looking to rid their body of these unsightly growths.

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