Gotu Kola Benefits

The Indians have been aware of gotu kola benefits for a number of centuries, and it has been a part of ayurvedic medicine for a long time.

Gotu kola information is available from a number of sources, and the medicinal benefits of gotu kola include:

  • Strengthening the immune system and removing toxins from the system
  • Aiding restful sleep
  • Cleansing the blood with its antioxidant properties, enabling the system to remove toxins and supporting organ function.
  • Memory aid. Modern trials have shown that gotu kola benefits include promotion of healthy memory function by improving circulation to the brain.
  • Fighting the symptoms of stress and depression. Blood flow to the brain can aggravate these symptoms and improved circulation can help to fight them.
  • It has antibacterial properties which can help to heal wounds and reduce the possibility of scarring. Clinical studies have found it to be effective on burns patients, healing the wounds while keeping them free from infection. It has an active ingredient which activates skin repair and can strengthen hair, nails, and skin.
  • Helping nervous disorders such as epilepsy is among the gotu kola benefits.
  • Diuretic that helps to expel excess water from the system and ease any inflammation which can also be useful for treating ulcers, hemorrhoids and helping to promote the well being of the digestive system.
  • Improves the circulation and strengthens veins and arteries. It can ease the symptoms of varicose veins. It reduces the possibility of blood clots.
  • It has been used in a number of formats in the treatment of leprosy. It can heal the sores as with other wounds and strengthen the immune system.
  • Soothes sore, itchy skin and so is useful for treating skin conditions such as psoriasis.

Gotu Kola Facts
There are a number of unusual facts about gotu kola:

  • It was used to improve meditation and was believed to balance the brain.
  • Elephants ate the leaves and this led the natives of Sri Lanka to believe that it promoted longevity. Elephants are known for living long lives.
  • The herb is a member of the carrot family.

Gotu kola benefits can be enjoyed in a number of ways, the most popular being capsules of the dried herb. The dried herb can also be used to make gotu kola tea by steeping in hot water and then straining well.

It is an easy way to incorporate the herb into a daily routine and is pleasant to take. The recommended dose for gotu kola tea is three cups a day.

Uses and Precautions
It is often recommended that gotu kola be used in conjunction with other herbs for maximum benefit. For specific conditions, it is better to consult a qualified herbal practitioner.

Pregnant and nursing women should avoid using gotu kola, and it should not be used by anybody taking tranquilizers. It can also have an effect on blood pressure prescription medication. Some side effects that have been noted include rashes, and prolonged use can also cause some complications.

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