Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea

It is the health benefits of chamomile tea that make it one of the most popular herbal teas available today. It is thought that over a million cups of chamomile herbal tea are consumed worldwide each day.

The tea is derived from the daisy-like flowers of the chamomile herb and is sweet tasting with an apple-like flavor.

The chamomile flowers contain the essential oil and flavonoids which provide the health benefits of chamomile tea.

The use of the herb and the essential oil were recorded by the ancient Egyptians and Greeks, who were well aware of the plant’s benefits.

The health benefits of chamomile tea include:

  • Easing digestive problems. It is very gentle on the digestive system and is useful in easing the symptoms of disorders like irritable bowel syndrome. It can help to prevent the formation of gas in the bowels and ease the pain which comes with heartburn and ulcers. Chamomile herbal tea can be used alone or blended with peppermint herbal tea, which has a similar effect.
  • It has a relaxing effect. It is often used as a night-time drink to aid restful sleep and has a calming effect on the nerves, relieving the symptoms of anxiety. It can also be useful for the sufferers of depression. To vary the taste, chamomile can be blended with lemongrass, which works in a similar way.
  • It can act as a muscle relaxant, so works well on muscle spasms and pains. In this way, it is useful for easing cramps associated with menstruation.
  • Chamomile herbal tea can be used to treat young children and babies who are suffering from stomach ache and the pain of teething. It is calming and helps to induce a good night’s sleep.
  • Breathing in the steam from a cup of hot chamomile herbal tea can help the respiratory system when suffering from colds, easing congestion in the lungs.
  • The cooled tea can be used as a topical application to treat a number of skin problems, ranging from rashes to acne. It can also be applied to fungal infections. Chamomile herb tea diluted into a hot bath can help to relieve dry skin.
  • Chamomile tea can be drunk when suffering from headaches and migraines to ease the symptoms. For the best results, the tea should be consumed when the pain first begins.
  • The used tea bags can be cooled and used as a compress on the eye area to reduce the appearance of dark circles.
  • The health benefits of chamomile tea also include boosting the immune system by encouraging the body to fight bacteria and infection.

As a remedy, chamomile tea is a very gentle option and ideal for those who want to avoid the side effects of other remedies. Those who have an allergy to the ragweed family of plants should avoid consuming chamomile.

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