Myrrh Essential Oil

Myrrh essential oil has a wide variety of uses in aromatherapy. The oil is taken from myrrh resin and has been used for thousands of years in perfumes, incense, and healing.

It can be blended well with lavender, frankincense, and tea tree oils. The color will vary from pale to dark yellow and is extracted from the resin by steam distillation.

Medicinal uses of myrrh oil include:

As an anti-viral agent, essential oil of myrrh prevents the formation and development of infection and inhibits the growth of bacteria. Illnesses such as colds and fevers can be treated with myrrh oil. It is a natural expectorant and can help to keep the respiratory system clear of excess mucus.

Adding the oil to massage oil and using it as a chest rub will help to bring relief to these conditions. The oil will also help to prevent a build-up of catarrh. For the best results with colds and respiratory disorders, the oil should be used in a burner or vaporizer.

Myrrh essential oil is a natural astringent and can strengthen the gums, skin, and hair. This can also help to inhibit blood flow in cuts and other types of bleeding. Adding a few drops of the oil to bath water will be beneficial for this.

Adding the oil to bath water will also help to harness its antifungal properties. This can be used to treat conditions such as athlete’s foot. It can also be added to skin creams and used to treat wounds and prevent infections, as it is also a natural antiseptic.

This method of using the oil is also be beneficial for hemorrhoids. The oil can be added to mouthwash as well in order to combat oral infections.

Myrrh essential oil can be used to stimulate a number of systems of the body, including circulation and digestion. Using it in massage oil will help to boost blood flow and the production of digestive juices. This will help to prevent the build-up of gas in the digestive tract. The oil will also help to stimulate brain function and keep mental faculties sharp.

Myrrh can also help to stimulate the sweat glands. This can encourage the body to rid itself of toxins and keep the pores of the skin clear. By clearing the body of toxins the immune system will function more efficiently and will be better at keeping the body free from illness.

Essential oil or myrrh has anti-inflammatory properties, and this is of benefit for the digestive and respiratory systems. It also has an anti-spasmodic effect on the muscles and can help to regulate the menstrual cycle by promoting blood flow.

Using the oil in the form of a cold compress can also help wounds and skin conditions such as eczema. Adding the oil to a cream can help with bedsores, acne, and ulcers.

Using myrrh oil in excessive amounts should be avoided, as that could prove to be toxic. Due to its effects on blood flow, it should be avoided by those who are pregnant.

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