Natural Hemorrhoid Treatment With Herbs

Many people seek a natural hemorrhoid treatment to ease the symptoms of what can be a very painful condition. Hemorrhoids are veins in the rectum and anus that become swollen and inflamed, and it is a condition that affects large numbers of people.

Hemorrhoid symptoms
Hemorrhoid symptoms include bleeding following a bowel movement, which should always be checked out by a medical professional, as this could be a sign of more serious conditions, and the feeling that a bowel movement is imminent even if it is not.

This could be accompanied by pain, itching, and irritation near the anus. This can occur when the hemorrhoid is visible outside the anus and could be seen as a swelling or lump.

Hemorrhoids and Herbs

There are a number of possibilities for those looking for an herbal remedy for hemorrhoids. These include:

  • Butcher’s broom. This herb has long been used as a natural hemorrhoid treatment. It is also beneficial for varicose veins and is the herb of choice when the problem appears to be caused by poor circulation. This herb can be administered in capsule form or taken as a tea. Compresses can also be made from butcher’s broom. However, this herb is not recommended for those suffering from high blood pressure, and pregnant and nursing women are advised to avoid it.

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  • Witch hazel. In the form of a cream or compress, this is a natural form of hemorrhoid pain relief and is applied topically. Witch hazel has natural astringent properties and may reduce the bleeding caused by hemorrhoids. It can also offer relief from itching and swelling. Witch hazel is only suitable for external use and should never be taken internally.
  • Horse chestnut. Works in a similar way to butcher’s broom and is thought to be particularly beneficial when the problem seems to be with circulation. Usually administered as a tea or in capsule form, this natural hemorrhoid treatment can also be made into a compress for external application. Horse chestnut should not be taken by people on blood thinning medication, and side effects could include kidney and liver damage and bleeding, though these are rare.
  • Mullein. The extract from the leaf of the mullein plant can be used as a compress on the affected area.
  • Cayenne pepper. This spice can also be used as a compress and is thought to be beneficial at reducing the itching as well as being effective for hemorrhoid pain relief.

Dietary hemorrhoid remedies include increasing fiber and fluid intake. Today’s modern diet of processed foods removes a lot of natural fiber from the diet, but fiber improves the general well-being of the bowels and reduces the possibility hemorrhoids and thus the need for a natural hemorrhoid treatment.

Having a diet rich in fiber is the easiest way to increase intake, though there are fiber supplements that can be taken as well. Psyllium husks are a natural source of fiber and can be dissolved in water to drink. When increasing fiber, it should be remembered that water intake will need to be increased also, as fiber needs fluid to work correctly.


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