Benefits of Oatstraw Tea

Oatstraw tea comes from the aerial part of the oat plant that is left over after the crops have been harvested. It was at one time used as a mattress filling; nowadays it is becoming more popular for use as an herbal supplement and is thought to have many health benefits.

Oatstraw herb is most popular in the form of a tea, but is also available in other forms such as tinctures, liquid extracts and powders.

Benefits of Oatstraw

As the oatstraw herb is full of vitamins and minerals, it is an excellent immune booster.

Not only that, consumption of the oatstraw tea can have wide-ranging health benefits including:

  • Aids sufferers of or those at risk of getting osteoporosis, it promotes healthy bones and also strengthens nails. It has the ability to help skin look brighter and clearer and helps hair look healthy and shiny.
  • Drinking oatstraw in tea form can help people who suffer from panic attacks; it has a mild calming effect on the body and relaxes the nervous system. It can also help to fight off depression and anxiety related stresses.
  • Oatstraw can offer mild pain relief; it can help with aching muscles and also ease the symptoms of arthritis and rheumatism. The tea can be used as a wash on the skin for irritations such as eczema and to relieve the itching of chicken pox and to help people with shingles.
  • Oatstraw herb has been known to be used to alleviate the symptoms of herpes. Used in the bath as a full body soak it can also help to relieve fatigue and lessen the symptoms of insomnia, if used at night it can help relax the body enough to promote restful sleep.
  • People who suffer from high cholesterol may find that drinking the oatstraw tea is beneficial as it can actually help to lower cholesterol levels; it is good for the circulatory system and helps to maintain healthy lungs.
  • It can also help to regulate blood sugar and so may also be of some help to those who suffer from diabetes. Oatstraw is also a diuretic and can help people who are prone to water retention.
  • It is believed that drinking the tea can help people who want to give up smoking, as it can alleviate the addiction to nicotine. It is also thought to be able to help people to break addictions to other drugs, although research is still being carried out.
  • Oatstraw tea is safe to use on hyperactive children, helping them to relax naturally.

Oatstraw should not replace prescription medications or be used solely to treat any diagnosed ailment. If any side effects are experienced, then cease use immediately and consult a medical professional.

People who have intolerance to gluten such as celiac disease sufferers must avoid use. There is conflicting information on the effects of prolonged use.

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