Passion Flower Herb

Passion flower herb is a climbing vine-type plant that can grow to 10 meters in length. It is native to the Americas and is historically a tropical plant, although of its 400 different species some can be cultivated at lower temperatures and are frequently seen in the Mediterranean areas of Europe.

Passion Flower Facts and Benefits
Passion flower is a popular ingredient in herbal sedatives and stress-relief supplements. Many use passion flower for anxiety and to ease stress. It can also reduce the symptoms associated with stress and stress-related conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, high blood pressure, and insomnia.

Helping to ease insomnia is a big step towards beating stress. Sleeping well is the key to relieving many stress-related issues. Anxiety causes sleepless nights, sleepless nights cause fatigue, and fatigue causes poor concentration, which in turn causes inefficiency.

Feeling inefficient can cause depression, and with depression comes the feeling that everything is a bigger problem than it actually is, leading again to anxiety.

While in this state, some people can become more susceptible to illnesses, as the immune system is affected. When life becomes out of control in this way, passion flower is the perfect supplement.

Passion flower is an effective supplement for PMS sufferers, as it eases irritability, soothes pain, calms, and aids restful sleep.

Passion flower can be used to reduce frequency of seizures and so is a good supplement for epilepsy sufferers.

The passion flower herb can also be used by drug addicts who are looking to break their habit. It eases the withdrawal symptoms, making it easier to become drug free. To that end, it could also be beneficial to recovering alcoholics and those wishing to give up smoking.

Passion Flower Use
The passion flower herb is non-addictive and so can be taken as frequently as needed without cause for concern.

One can buy passion flower herb in many herbal and health food stores. The herb is available in various forms such as passion flower extract, capsules, and ready-made tea. Tea can also be made from the fresh plant.

The active parts of the plant, those that provide the sedative effects, are found in the stem and the leaves of the plant. The roots and the actual flower have very little medicinal value.

Due to the calming effect, this supplement can be taken at infrequent times when nervousness sets in, such as before giving a speech or having to take a test.

Passion Flower Side Effects
The mild side effects of passion flower can include mild dizziness, slight confusion and drowsiness (although this is expected if using as a sleep aid).

More serious side effects which must be immediately reported to a medical professional are any allergic reaction symptoms, swelling of the mouth, rash or itchiness, and breathing difficulties. Any signs of jaundice or abdominal pains must also be reported.

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