Sage Tea Benefits

Sage tea benefits are not well known. However, it is a very usful and beneficial herbal tea for good health. Sage tea is made from one of the most commonly used herbs.

Sage is known to have been used in ancient Egypt as a fertility remedy and the Greeks recommended it for its cleansing and healing properties.

Sage can be taken in a number of forms such as a tincture or an extract, but sage tea is by far the most popular method of administering the herb.

The tea can be made by simply steeping a small amount of the dried herb in hot water for several minutes.

Lemon juice can be added, or honey to sweeten the taste.

Benefits of Sage Tea

  • Helping to sharpen the senses and improve the functioning of the memory. Studies have been carried out which show sage to be beneficial in sharpening the mind and may be a useful herbal remedy for easing the symptoms of conditions such as Alzheimer’s.
  • Sage tea benefits include the soothing of the stomach and improvement in digestive function. It has a strong antiseptic quality, which can help with internal infections and is a useful remedy for indigestion. To relieve the symptoms of diarrhea, the tea should be drunk cold.
  • It can help with liver and kidney problems due to its stimulating and cleansing effects.
  • It is a popular remedy for colds and sore throats. Sage tea has expectorant qualities which can help to expel excess mucus from the airways. The tea can be gargled to soothe inflammation of the mouth and throat. This will also help to heal mouth ulcers and ease gum problems and sage can sometimes be found as an ingredient in mouthwash.
  • Painful joints can be eased by drinking sage tea, so may be beneficial for sufferers of arthritis or rheumatism.
  • It can be applied externally to rinse out wounds to aid the healing process. This is also useful for insect bites.
  • Sage tea benefits also include the easing of nervous disorders, as it has a calming effect. By applying a warm cloth soaked in sage tea to the forehead, tension headaches can be relieved.
  • Sage tea has also been used as a rinse for the hair. It can help to soothe an irritated scalp and also darkens the hair.
  • One of the more usual benefits of sage tea is as a treatment for the symptoms of menopause. Many herbalists recommend it to treat hot flashes and it has a similar effect to estrogen on the body. It can help to reduce night sweats and is often recommended as a treatment where excessive sweating can be a problem, for example in sufferers of TB.

Side Effects of Sage Tea
Sage Tea has few reported side effects but there are occasions when it should not be used. Pregnant and nursing women should avoid taking sage as should those who suffer from epilepsy. Excessive amounts of the herb could prove to be toxic, but a user would have to consume a massive amount to get a toxic reaction.

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