Shepherds Purse Tincture

Shepherds purse tincture is primarily used for conditions where bleeding is a problem. The plant is part of the mustard family.

The tincture is considered the best form of administering the herb, as the fresh herb loses its medicinal benefits very quickly after picking.

Harnessing the medicinal benefits in the form of a tincture is the best way to preserve them.

Prolonged use for any condition is not recommended, and users are advised to take the herb for only one month at a time and then take a break of at least a week before resuming.

The astringent properties of the herb cause blood vessels to constrict, which reduces blood flow.

Conditions that benefit from shepherds purse include:

  • Menstrual problems, by easing excessive bleeding. The tincture should be taken a few days before the period is due and during the period itself, but not the rest of the time.
  • Women who are having irregular periods due to menopause may benefit from the use of shepherd’s purse tincture, as it can regulate blood flow.
  • Post-natal bleeding, by steming bleeding after giving birth.
  • Bleeding from hemorrhoids can be stemmed by adding an infusion of the herb to bathwater.
  • Bleeding in the lungs.
  • Those who have blood in their urine or stools may benefit from using the herb, though symptoms such as these should be investigated by a doctor first.
  • Nosebleeds. A few drops of the tincture on a cotton ball can be inserted into the nostril to stem the flow of blood.
  • Shepherds purse can ease water retention, as it is a natural diuretic. It is also beneficial in fighting infections of the urinary tract. These qualities are also of benefit to the kidneys.
  • It has the ability to lower blood pressure that is slightly high and drinking a shepherd’s purse tea will help with this.
  • Shepherds purse tincture can be applied externally to wounds to stop bleeding. It also has the ability to reduce bruising and varicose veins. Practitioners also recommend the use of shepherds purse on eczema and other skin conditions. Burns will also benefit from use of this herb.
  • It is useful for rheumatic symptoms and muscle problems. The tincture can be massaged into the affected areas.
  • Traditional Chinese medicine employs the herb to treat eye disorders.

Side Effects of Shepherds Purse Tincture
Some users may experience heart palpitations and should reduce the dosage if this happens. Those who suffer from kidney stones should avoid the herb. Pregnant women should not take shepherds purse. Those who have blood pressure or heart troubles should not take shepherds purse.

If applied directly to the skin, some users may experience some inflammation. If taken orally, it may cause a slight stomach upset in some users.

Those taking any prescription medications should consult their doctor before taking the herb in case of interaction, and it should never be given to children.

Some users may find they are allergic to the herb and should discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice if they experience shortness of breath, skin rash, or pains in the chest.

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