Siberian Motherwort Benefits

Siberian motherwort is a plant native to China and Russia though can be found now in most parts of the world. It is part of the mint family of plants, and the benefits of motherwort are numerous.

As the name suggests, it is an herb which is used primarily for the health of mothers. The part of the plant having medicinal benefits is the leaf.

Motherwort Benefits

  • Easing the symptoms of the menopause and menstrual problems. It can reduce hot flushes. Menstrual cramps can be eased and in some cases eliminated as it can strengthen the uterine muscles. It can help to regulate the menstrual cycle.
  • It can help the functioning of some of the body’s major organs including the heart and liver. They are strengthened and this can help to regulated blood pressure. It can help to ease heart palpitations.
  • Motherwort can help to improve the circulation and increase the levels of oxygen in the blood. This can help to prevent fainting and ease breathing difficulties. It can help to prevent the formation of blood clots.
  • Siberian motherwort is very calming for the nerves and eases anxiety. It is strengthening and releases tension. It is not a sedative herb though it can be helpful for those suffering from insomnia as it can relax the user enough so they are able to achieve restful sleep. Women who suffer nightmares as part of their menopause can find that these symptoms dissipate.
  • Motherwort can ease depression and its symptoms and it is recommended to take the tincture in the mornings as a natural boost. Motherwort tea is a recommended remedy for post partum depression.
  • The herb can encourage the body to rid itself of excess water and prevent retention. It is also useful for preventing infections in the urinary tract.
  • Motherwort can ease constipation and reduce gas build-up in the digestive system.
  • When combined with other herbs which are good for the respiratory system it can help to ease conditions such as bronchitis and asthma.
  • It is believed to be good for the milk flow of a nursing mother.
  • Using the tea or taking motherwort tincture can help an overactive thyroid.

The herb is available as motherwort tincture, which is the easiest method of administering the remedy. Up to 25 drops of the tincture can be taken daily, though the herb is not recommended to be used for longer than three months.

Those who suffer heavy periods should not use the herb on a daily basis. Users should also take care not to become too dependent upon the herb to promote a good mood. The herb should not be used during pregnancy and excessive doses should be avoided.

The leaves themselves may cause a reaction if they come into contact with the skin, which is why it is recommended that a ready-prepared tincture or tea is used.

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