St Johns Wort Oil Benefits

St Johns wort oil is taken from the wildflower, which is sometimes thought of as an herb and sometimes a weed. It is known to have been used as far back as ancient Greece, where it was used to heal wounds and also as a diuretic. Later uses have included pain relief and as a mild sedative to help insomniacs.

Benefits of St Johns Wort Essential Oil
The most well known use for St John’s wort herb is as an anti-depressant, and supplements are available in most well-known health food stores. St John’s wort oil is also a useful external herbal remedy as well.

Used as an anti-inflammatory, St Johns wort oil can help to ease the discomfort of hemorrhoids and skin irritations such as sun burn, although ironically in some rare cases St John’s wort herb is known to cause photo dermatitis.

This means that the skin can become sensitive to sunlight and have an adverse reaction such as flaking skin or inflamed areas. For sunburn, it is recommended to keep the oil refrigerated and apply directly to the skin.

It is also used in some countries to help heal the skin on people suffering from first degree burns, as it is known to speed up the healing process.

Externally, St Johns wort oil is known to ease the pain associated with bruising and can help to heal open wounds faster. This can be massaged into the skin or applied on a compress.

The oil is also a helpful remedy for those who suffer from cold sores and genital herpes and can be used as often as needed.

St Johns wort oil is also thought to be a useful herbal remedy for the symptoms of premenstrual tension and may even help alleviate the pain of stomach cramps. This also makes it beneficial for use on other muscle aches and pains and may help those who suffer from arthritis and rheumatism.

The oil has antiseptic properties that can help prevent infection in wounds and skin inflammations.

Applying the oil to surgical wounds can help them to heal much more quickly and reduce scarring.

It can be applied to the skin following radiation therapy for cancer in order to reduce inflammation.

The antiviral action of St Johns wort herbal remedies is being researched, as it may have a beneficial effect on those who suffer from such ailments as cancer, HIV and AIDS.

If using as an anti-depressant, the oil may take several weeks before any noticeable changes take place. It is also worth noting that as an herbal anti depressant remedy, it is non-addictive, unlike some pharmaceutical medications.

Side Effects of St John’s Wort
As already mentioned, St John’s wort can cause sensitivity to light and make the user more prone to sunburn, even for those not usually affected.

St John’s wort is also well known for being a sedative, and this can also be classed as a side effect if the original reason for usage is not to aid a restful sleep.