Thyme Essential Oil

There are two types of thyme essential oil that can be used in aromatherapy. These are red thyme and sweet thyme, and they can be used for different conditions.

Thyme is an herb that comes in a number of different varieties and is cultivated all over the world.

It is a very fragrant oil which is extracted from steam distillation.

The most commonly used thyme oil is sweet thyme, as red thyme is much stronger and is brown or dark orange in color compared to the yellow of sweet thyme.


Health Benefits of Sweet Thyme Essential Oil

  • Thyme oil has antiseptic properties and can be used as a disinfectant on surfaces. It is valuable for respiratory infections and is particularly beneficial when suffering from colds and sore throats. Inhaling the oil can help with infections in the nasal passages.
  • Infections of the urinary tract can also be eased with this oil. The oil can be added to mouthwash and gargles to fight off infections in the mouth.
  • It is a natural anti-inflammatory and can be used to treat skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis to reduce the itching of the skin. It can also be applied to insect bites.
  • Sweet thyme oil can be used as an anti-viral agent and will help the body to fight off illness.
  • It can help with circulation problems by improving blood flow. It is therefore beneficial for those who suffer from low blood pressure. It has a warming effect, which can help conditions such as gout. The oil should be properly diluted before being used as a massage treatment. Massage with thyme can also help to shift cellulite.
  • Sufferers of insomnia may find thyme oil beneficial by adding a few drops to bathwater to encourage relaxation.
  • It can help sufferers of anxiety.
  • Thyme can boost the immune system by helping to fight off illness and infection.

Health Benefits of Red Thyme Essential Oil

  • Thyme is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal remedy. Adding the oil to bathwater can help to ease conditions such as athlete‚Äôs foot and other skin infections.
  • It can be used to sharpen the mind and lift the mood if fatigued or depressed. It can improve memory function.
  • The oil can help sufferers of asthma by using in a burner or vaporizer for inhalation. This will also help to shift excess mucus in the respiratory system.
  • Thyme can be used to treat skin problems such as acne and wounds when applied as a compress.
  • Applying the oil as a compress can also ease the pain of conditions such as arthritis and rheumatism.

Red Thyme oil is much stronger than the sweet thyme version. Sweet thyme is less likely to irritate the skin, but neither variety is recommended for those who are pregnant or who suffer from high blood pressure.

If the oil is being used in a massage a skin patch test is recommended to determine if a reaction will occur.

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