Turkey Rhubarb Benefits

Turkey rhubarb is a plant which is frequently used for culinary purposes. It is used mostly for making jam and pies, and it is the roots which contain the medicinal benefits, though the stems are also often used.

The herb has been extensively used in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a very cleansing herb and is often found as an ingredient in herbal preparations created for cleansing the colon.

The herb has a high content of vitamins and minerals, and it can be administered in a number of forms.

The stems are regarded as being similar to a fruit and are used as such. It can also be taken as an herbal tea, tincture, or in capsule form.

Benefits of turkey rhubarb include:

  • It is a strong laxative and is much more pleasant to use if you are having digestion problems than a prescription preparation.
  • It can be also beneficial for those suffering from diarrhea by lowering the stool’s water content.
  • Its astringent properties can help to heal hemorrhoids.
  • By cleaning the colon in this manner, rhubarb can help the body to rid itself of toxins and waste material.
  • The liver will also benefit from these cleansing properties, as the body will rid itself of toxins and so improve the function of the liver as well as other major organs.
  • Rhubarb tea can be taken to stimulate the appetite, so it may be useful for those suffering from anorexia while they are undergoing treatment.
  • The herb can help to strengthen the immune system by clearing the body of toxins.
  • Rhubarb tea has been used to clean wounds and help to heal them.
  • It can be applied to cold sores for its antibacterial and healing properties.
  • Rhubarb herb can help the body to rid itself of parasites due to its cleansing action.
  • It is a natural diuretic so may be beneficial for women who suffer from water retention during their menstrual cycle.
  • Rhubarb roots are believed to have anti-cancer properties and are used in the Essiac blend of herbs, which has been used to treat cancer patients for a number of years.  Read more about essiac tea.
  • Its antibacterial actions may help to heal the body of infections of the digestive or urinary tracts as it cleanses the systems.

Side Effects of Turkey Rhubarb Root
The herb is not recommended for long term use with the recommended term of use being just eight days. It should be avoided by those who are pregnant or nursing.

Anybody suffering from ulcers or another disorder of the digestive system is advised to avoid using turkey rhubarb. The same applies to those who have had their gallbladders removed.

Users may notice that their urine becomes watery or discolored. Use only the fruit and roots of the plant, the leaves are considered to be toxic and should never be consumed.

Reported side effects include kidney damage and the loss of bone density but these occur with prolonged use of the herb.

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