Natural Colic Remedies

Being able to apply effective colic remedies is so important when your baby is suffering. Knowing about colic is a first step. Then knowing how to treat it can save you from hours of worry and sleepless nights.

What is Colic?
Knowing the causes of colic can help when choosing the right colic remedies. Colic is constipation, indigestion, reflux, wind, and gas.

This can sometimes be caused by an underdeveloped digestive system, which is why it affects babies. Sometimes it can be due to the type of food intake the mother has.

Babies suffer stress during the birthing process and therefore remain anxious after birth for a long while. This is also believed to be a contributing factor. There are many colic remedies on the market, however many parents are now turning to herbs for colic as they believe it is kinder and gentler to the child.

If the child is constantly crying with nothing seeming to appease him, then maybe a baby colic remedy is needed.

Colic Herbal Remedy
Gripe water is a very popular choice for those wanting a natural remedy for colic. Often the gripe water will contain ingredients such as ginger or peppermint, which are well known herbal remedies for the digestive system.

Natural Colic Remedies
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The gripe water will work to soothe the digestive system, which is producing gas and wind which is upsetting the baby.

The active ingredients will also help to reduce the bloated feeling that comes with colic.

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Many will look for a colic herbal remedy, which will help to prevent the problem from recurring. Herbal teas are one of the best ways to tackle colic in a baby. Small amounts of herbal tea are fine, although a doctor should be consulted in order to be sure that you are administering the right amounts.

Chamomile, ginger, and peppermint tea are all ideal colic remedies for the digestive system. Chamomile in particular is very soothing for the digestive system and also has a slightly sedative effect. A weak tea is the best option, administered in small amounts.

Fennel seed tea is another option for colicky babies, as this is a remedy that has been used for hundreds of years. This should be administered in very small doses, 1-2 teaspoons twice an hour being the maximum that should be considered.

Dill seed tea can also be made and used in the same way as fennel seed tea. These can be very strong to taste so a weaker tea is a good option when using fennel or dill.

When making herbal tea for a young child, it should not be too strong. It is important to remember that their systems are much more delicate than those of an adult, so a weaker tea will still have a positive effect.

The tea also should only be room temperature. One way of administering the tea is to use a small syringe in order to dispense a few drops at a time.

Considerations When Using Herbs for Colic
In many instances it will be recommended that herbal remedies are not given to a baby that is under 6 months of age, and before administering herbs a doctor should be consulted.

They will take into account the general health of the child and will make a recommendation on dosages and suitability for the individual.

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Natural Colic Remedies