Herbal Tea Benefits

Herbal Tea BenefitsThere are many herbal tea benefits. Though many of us may enjoy our most beloved hot beverage, we may not even realize how many benefits of herbal tea there really are.

A nice hot cup of tea may help to relax us or soothe our frayed nerves, but there are many more herbal tea benefits than that.

As you sip your favorite cup of herbal tea, you may very well be helping to heal the very conditions that ail you. With every sip, you may find that herbal tea remedies are often more effective than conventional medicine.

So the next time you consider which type of herbal tea to drink, it may help to know the specific herbal tea benefits that it offers. Whether you’ve been drinking tea for years or want to drink herbal teas for medicinal reasons, understanding the different kinds and the actual benefits of herbal tea can be quite helpful.

Elderberry tea has been looked to for years as a great help in relieving fevers and to treat the symptoms of the flu. The herbal tea benefits don’t stop there, as it may be of great help with naturally curing joint pain, therefore being quite popular with patients who suffer from arthritis. Elderberry tea may also be of great help in respiratory health, helping to naturally remove any mucus that may be blocking airways.
More on Elderberry Tea.

The benefits of nettle tea are widely known for their power in aiding fertility issues in both men and women. However there are even more benefits to this type of herbal
tea which include removing intestinal worms or parasites, naturally breaking up kidney stones, and helping with any issues or inflammation of the kidneys.   More Benefits of Stinging Nettle Tea

Catnip tea may be of great help to those who suffer from stress-related issues. This tea has a natural soothing effect, and may therefore help to calm any gastrointestinal disorders or even naturally relieve stress that an individual may feel. Benefits of this herbal tea also include help with a fever or symptoms of the common cold or flu.   More about Catnip Tea.

Most people only know dandelion to be an annoying weed that pops up in their yard, but what they may not realize is that it offers some very real health benefits.  Dandelion tea helps to ensure proper health and function within the kidneys, gallbladder, and liver. It is therefore quite effective at cleansing the body and ensuring the removal of any toxin build up. As a result, it can be of great help with any digestive issues as well.  More on Dandelion Tea.

If you’re looking for herbal tea remedies for some of the health conditions that may ail you, then look no further than hibiscus tea. It may be of great help in offering herbal tea benefits to lower blood pressure or cholesterol. As it is naturally rich in Vitamin C, it may also prove to be quite effective for boosting the immune system.  More on Hibiscus Tea.


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Many of us love using rosemary in our cooking, and here we see it show up as a beneficial type of tea as well. Rosemary tea offers some very real health benefits which include helping to act as a liver stimulant. The benefits of this type of herbal tea also happen to include natural relief from cold symptoms as well as joint pain.  More Rosemary Tea Benefits.

This lesser known type of herbal tea is quite effective in a wide range of health conditions. First and foremost, it offers great benefits in cleansing the body. It may help to cleanse the blood, to remove any intestinal parasites, and naturally relieve allergies.

Mullein tea may also help with naturally treating urinary tract or bladder infections, which is one of the main reasons that many people turn to it. The benefits of this herbal tea also reach to naturally assisting with respiratory issues such as asthma or bronchitis.  More on Mullein Leaf Tea.

As sage offers some amazing health benefits as an herb, it should come as no surprise that this herb offers some wonderful herbal tea benefits.

Sage tea is very effective for soothing a sore throat. If you have a sore throat due to any sort of related ailment such as laryngitis or even tonsillitis, then sage tea can help nurse you back to health.

Sage tea may also be quite helpful with digestion problems, though many people aren’t aware of this specific benefit. Even if you need to soothe frayed nerves, sage tea may help to offer some great benefits making it a rather robust and comprehensive type of herbal tea.  More about Sage Tea.

Fennel tea tends to be extremely beneficial as herbal teas go. Fennel tea is of great help with a variety of gastrointestinal symptoms including gas, bloating, cramps, constipation, and stomach upset. Some mothers have even found it to be gentle enough to give to infants suffering from colic that often encompasses many of these very symptoms.

Fennel tea helps to naturally stimulate estrogen within women, therefore being of great help for everything from PMS to menopause. The benefits of this herbal tea don’t stop there, as it can be used externally if applied on a cotton ball to the eyes, helping to relieve sore eyes.  More on Fennel Tea.

Raspberry Leaf
Though many people simply look to raspberries for the delicious berries that this plant produces, there are some wonderful health benefits in the leaves. Raspberry leaf tea can be quite helpful during pregnancy. The herbal tea benefits in raspberry include help with nausea, relief during labor, and even great help in the postpartum recovery.

Raspberry leaf tea may also be beneficial in relieving symptoms of a cold, a sore throat, and may even help to cure temporary diarrhea.  More on Raspberry Leaf Tea.

Chamomile is one of those herbal teas that tends to be a bit more mainstream and therefore understood. One of the most notable herbal tea benefits of chamomile tea is its ability to help with sleeplessness. Many people turn to chamomile tea at night when they need a natural and effective way to fall asleep.

Chamomile tea may also be of great help if consumed at the onset of symptoms associated with the cold or flu. Many people don’t realize that chamomile tea may also help with digestive problems, so there’s great reason for this to be such a popular herbal tea.  More Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea.

Many people turn to ginger for its healing powers in any sort of digestive or gastrointestinal disorders. The benefits of this herbal tea do in fact include healing for any sort of digestive problems, but it doesn’t stop there.

The benefits continue to include assistance with any blood circulation problems. The benefits of ginger tea also include natural relief from menstrual cramps, as well as healing of migraine headaches. As ginger is a very powerful herb it makes great sense that the benefits of this herbal tea are far reaching.  More on Ginger Tea Benefits


Herbal Tea Benefits


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