Anxiety Herbs

Natural Remedies For Anxiety

There are many excellent anxiety herbs that can effectively be used as a natural anxiety medication. If you’re looking to stop anxiety in its tracks without the side effects of many anxiety medications, it’s definitely worth looking into the following natural remedies for anxiety.

* Kava kava is one of the most well known herbal remedies for anxiety. It has been shown to promote relaxation without affecting mental alertness. Kava has been known to elevate mood and emotional well being as well. Studies have found that kava kava is effective in the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and other nervous conditions.

Use: Extracts or teas are made from the ground root.

Precautions: There have been some rare cases of liver damage with the use of kava. Therefore, use only under the supervision of a healthcare provider.

* California poppy is a gentle anxiety herb that has been found effective for mild cases of anxiety as well as pain relieving properties. It also acts as an antidepressant and antispasmotic and is effective for insomnia and nervous tension. Although it is related to the poppy used for making the drug opium, California poppy cannot produce opium.

Uses: This herb is typically used as a diffusion, tincture, or powder.

Precautions: There are no known side effects of California poppy. However, don’t use without the advice of a healthcare professional if pregnant or if you have underlying health conditions.

* Catnip is well known as a treat that delights cats. But this wonderful herb isn’t just for cats. In humans it acts as a natural anxiety medication with its sedative effect that helps to relieve tension headaches and encourages sleep. Also helps soothe a nervous stomach.

Precautions: Avoid if pregnant or lactating. Should be used with caution in children. Use with other sedating herbs or medication can magnify the effects of catnip.

* Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogenic herb that has been used to help relieve anxiety. As an adaptogen, it helps the body adapt to and relieve stress as well as depression. In addition to helping stop anxiety, ashwagandha also supports and improves the immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Uses: Ashwagandha is typically taken in capsule form, as a tincture, or tea.

Precautions: Some have had stimulating effects when using ashwagandha, so test with a small dose first to see how your body reacts.

* St. John’s wort has been shown effective in treating social anxiety disorders as well as mild-to-moderate depression. St. John’s wort works to improve the mood and sense of emotional well being. This herb also has mild sedative effects as well.

Anxiety Herbs

* Lemon Balm is another one of the wonderful anxiety herbs, as it not only sedates, but also eases tension headaches. Its benefical soothing effects on the nervous system combat anxiety, calm nervous tension, and relieve insomnia with its powerful relaxing effects.

Studies have shown lemon balm to be effective at relieving emotional stress without the loss of mental function. This herb has also been shown to relax blood vessels, which in turn improves blood pressure.

* Lavender is a fabulous anxiety herb that is well known for its wonderfully calming scent. It is a terrific herbal remedy for anxiety by supporting the nervous system with its calming, relaxing effects.

Uses: It is typically used in aromatherapy, but also is found in anxiety supplements and tea formulations.

* Passion flower is a general nerve tonic, a natural anxiety medication shown to relieve anxiety and insomnia due to worry. Passion flower calms nervous tension and lowers blood pressure.

Uses: This herb is available in capsule, liquid extract, tincture, and dried herb form.

* Hops, a well-known ingredient in brewing beer, is another one of the great anxiety herbs that has been approved for the relief of anxiety, restlessness, tension, excitability, and sleep disorders. Hops is an excellent natural anxiety medication that has an exceptional calming effect on the body and relieves nervous disorders and promotes sleep.

* Valerian, another of the excellent natural remedies for anxiety, is very useful when dealing with performance anxiety, restlessness, depression, and sleep disturbances. Some people do find, however, that valerian has the opposite effect for them and stimulates instead of relaxing them.

* Chamomile is an excellent calming herb that not only relieves anxiety and promotes sleep, it also helps to settle an upset stomach. Chamomile has no known side effects and is safe for children and for use during pregnancy and lactation.

Note: Remember to use caution with herbs for anxiety, especially if you are pregnant, lactating, or on other medications or herbal supplements. To be safe, check with your healthcare provider before starting any anxiety supplements or new treatments.

Anxiety Herbs