Benefits of Cayenne Supplements

There are a number of benefits of cayenne herb. It is an extremely hot red chili pepper used in cooking. Many spicy Mexican dishes use peppers in their ingredients. It is related to the bell pepper and the jalapeno and can be used fresh, dried or ground, and as a tincture.

Cayenne is a highly rated herbal supplement and has been valued for centuries for cayenne pepper healing properties.

The plants themselves grow between 2-4 feet high and can be planted in pots for those with limited space.

There are a significant number of health benefits of cayenne supplements when used regularly, and it is very easy to add it to your daily routine.

It can be added to food, mixed with water as a drink, and even eaten fresh for those who can handle very hot, spicy tastes.

Other Benefits of Cayenne

  • Weight loss and increased metabolism. Using cayenne for metabolism can help you to shed unwanted pounds due to its main active ingredient capsicum, which has thermogenic properties. It is said to increase metabolism by up to 25%. A well-rounded diet and exercise program is also recommended.
  • Heart health. Known as a miracle herb, it is said that a quarter teaspoon of cayenne pepper powder mixed into warm water and drunk immediately can stop a heart attack very quickly.
  • Circulation. Cayenne extract helps to cleanse the arteries, aiding in better circulation and also helps to lower cholesterol and regulate blood pressure. It is the perfect herb for those suffering from varicose veins.
  • Stomach and digestive issues. Used internally, cayenne health benefits include the easing of stomach problems such as ulcers and rebuild stomach tissue. It also helps the intestines work better, thus aiding the digestive tract, making the removal of bodily waste easier.
  • Insect bites. Although you may not consider using cayenne for this reason, it is actually very effective in reducing skin irritation caused by insect bites. It helps flush away toxins by bringing blood to the surface more quickly.
  • Reducing cancer. Studies have shown that the benefits of cayenne supplements may include a reduction in cancer cells in patients with prostate or lung cancer.
  • Colds and flu. Cayenne tincture helps to ease cold and flu-like symptoms by breaking down congestion. Have you noticed that while eating spicy foods your nose tends to run? It works on this same principal. It also induces sweating, which in turn helps to break a fever.
  • Migraine relief. By increasing blood flow to the brain, cayenne herb helps to reduce the intensity and frequency of migraines. A cayenne tincture can also help to improve brain function.
  • Treating cuts and wounds. Cayenne benefits also include its healing effect on skin wounds. It stems blood flow, and with its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties also disinfects the wound.

There are no known side effects from using the cayenne pepper, as long as you remember to build up your body’s tolerance to the spiciness if you are not used to this herb or eating spicy foods.

As with all supplements, consult a medical professional before commencement, particularly if you already take prescribed medications.

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