Health Benefits of Swedish Bitters

There are many benefits of Swedish bitters. Though many of us have heard of Swedish bitters, we may know very little about them.

It’s important to understand what makes up Swedish bitters in order to realize its benefits for various health conditions. As part of any healthy lifestyle, bitters may be of great help along with other supplements.

It can be helpful to understand the history of these bitters as well, so we’ll cover that first and then talk about the herbs typically used in Swedish bitters.

Swedish Bitters History
There is a great story to the Swedish bitters history, and it dates back to the sixteenth century.

This potent and powerful combination was originally put together by Dr. Paracelsus. Though he was responsible and credited for the original combination of these bitters, they weren’t brought to the forefront until years later.

One of the biggest proponents of Swedish bitters was Dr. Claus Samset, who wrote of the wonderful benefits of Swedish bitters and just how greatly they could benefit individuals’ health.

Though he was one of the more notable proponents of Swedish bitters, the story is not complete without highlighting Maria Treben.

She took the writings of Dr. Samset and used them to educate fellow Europeans about the benefits of Swedish bitters for good health. She even turned this education into a book of her own entitled “Healing Through God’s Pharmacy.” This book is still used today as a valuable resource.

Swedish Bitter Herbs
So what are the Swedish bitter herbs that make up this powerful and highly effective herbal treatment? What is it about these herbs that makes them so instrumental in so many health conditions?

Believe it or not, there is no one standard mix of herbs that makes up Swedish bitters. A typical mixture of herbs may include aloe ferox, angelica root, myrrh, senna leaves, camphor, Venetian treacle, zedoary root, carline root, manna, rhubarb root, and saffron in a base of 60-proof grain alcohol.

Health Benefits of Swedish Bitters

This herbal bitter formulation by NatureWorksHealth Benefits of Swedish Bitters contains manna, fraxinus ornus, angelica root, zedoary root, aloe, rhubarb root, senna, myrrh, carline thistle root, carlina acaulis, camphor, black snakeroot, rhizoma cimicifugae, valerian root, cinnamon, cardamon, and saffron.

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Health Benefits of Swedish Bitters
Swedish bitters may help to restore a sense of taste for those who are needing a sharpening of this sense. Swedish bitters offer a bitter taste in food that is often lacking within a modern diet, and bitterness helps to sharpen the taste buds in order to enjoy what we eat more fully.

Swedish bitters also help greatly with the digestive system and aid with any digestive problems. This is what Swedish bitters are most widely known for and what many people turn to them for.

Bitters may also help to restore energy in those individuals who are fatigued. Taking Swedish bitters may help to naturally restore energy, helping an individual to feel rejuvenated and more youthful.

Swedish bitters can also be a help with inflammation problems. This includes any issues commonly associated with inflammation such as sprains, swollen joints, or even arthritis.

Swedish Bitters and Pregnancy
Taking any sort of supplement during pregnancy is always a source of debate. Before you combine Swedish bitters and pregnancy, it’s important to talk to your healthcare professional.

Though many feel that there is a very beneficial link between Swedish bitters and pregnancy, this can be up for debate, as some of the herbs used are of questionable safety during pregnancy.

Not only can the bitters help to calm any nausea that you may be feeling, but it may help to soothe a potentially upset digestive system overall. Also, if you are experiencing heartburn, nausea, or food just doesn’t taste right, then bitters may be of great help.

There is also an additional and potentially helpful benefit of using Swedish bitters during pregnancy. If you turn to bitters at the very end of your pregnancy, they may help to naturally induce labor.

This isn’t recommended until the home stretch when the baby is fully developed, and it is highly recommended that you use Swedish bitters in this manner only with the help and guidance of a healthcare professional.

Health Benefits of Swedish Bitters
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