Natural Cold Remedies

There are a wide range of medications available for colds, but natural cold remedies are increasing in popularity. Conventional preparations often have side effects and can leave the user feeling sluggish.

Herbal cold remedies are favored, as they can ease the symptoms with a minimum of side effects. Natural cold remedies may also help to boost the immune system to keep colds at bay.

Herbal Cold Remedies

  • Vitamin C is a popular common cold remedy. It is used to stave off a cold or shorten the life span of an existing cold. Plenty of citrus fruit juice is a good way to get your recommended daily dose of vitamin C and also counts towards the fluid intake for the day, which should be increased during periods of illness to ward off dehydration.
  • Echinacea is one of the well known cold herbs known for its immune-boosting properties. For this reason, it is believed to decrease the life of the common cold due to its anti-viral properties. The common cold is a virus-based illness, and a strong immune system can help to keep colds at bay. Echinacea should not be taken for more than two weeks continuously at a time.
  • Lemon and honey in a glass of warm water twice a day can help to ease the symptoms of a cold. It soothes a sore throat and also contributes to increased fluid intake.
  • Garlic when added to soups can be beneficial in many ways to help in reducing the effects of the common cold. It flushes out toxins from the body, and the soup broth counts towards daily fluid intake. It can also be taken as a supplement in the form of capsules or tablets available from health food stores. Garlic is known to aid with respiratory problems by opening up the airways and assisting in clearing sinuses.
  • Another common cold remedy is ginger tea. As well as staving off dehydration, ginger is a very warming drink. It can help clear the sinus area and ease head cold. Ginger tea can also help to ease a sore throat and bring down a fever.
  • Eucalyptus oil is used in a whole range of natural cold remedies, from throat lozenges to aromatherapy products. This is because eucalyptus contains both anti-viral and antibacterial properties and has the ability to prevent the virus infection from spreading. The herb can also clear a stuffy head and blocked sinuses.
  • A blend of essential oils such as ginger, black pepper, and peppermint can be used to make a warming chest rub to clear the airways and reduce congestion in the respiratory system.


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Cough Herbs
Mullein, marshmallow root, slippery elm, and lobelia are all effective cough herbs to help soothe and calm a scratchy, dry throat. Marshmallow root and slippery elm both have mucilage that helps coat the throat and ease soreness as well. Each of these cough herbs can be used in tea form.

Precautions for Herbal Cold Remedies
At the onset of a cold, take in plenty of fluids and only eat light or liquid meals such as soups. There is no actual cure for the common cold, but some of these cold herbs can help to ease the symptoms. If the symptoms persist longer than a week or two, it may be wise to consult with a healthcare provider.

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