Sage Herb Benefits

Sage herb is often easily recognized for its fragrant smell and distinct taste. Turning to sage as an herb used in cooking is quite common, as it can really help to add flavor to a number of dishes. What you may not realize as you incorporate sage into your cooking is that you are offering up some very real health benefits as well.

Though the majority of people know of using sage fresh or dried in cooking, they often don’t realize the number of various applications that it may offer.

Sage is effective in a number of different forms that include sage tea, essential oil, and extract.

Sage Herb Benefits
Sage herb has been used for a number of ailments which include sprains and swelling. Therefore, it can be of great help in any conditions associated with inflammation as well, such as arthritis.

It’s also important to remember that inflammation may be an early indicator of other health conditions as well. Thus, sage herb can be of great help in the prevention of many health conditions.

Sage herb provides tremendous benefits with bleeding within the body and may even help to naturally cure painful ulcers.

Sage may also be of great help in mental applications in addition to the many aspects of physical health. Sage may offer benefits in improving the memory and sharpening the senses, therefore adding to the allure of why people may turn to this herb for better health.

Sage Herb History & Use
This herb was first grown extensively in the Mediterranean region where it received initial attention and was carried on in traditional cooking.

It now grows in many different areas of the world and has become a widely known herb that can help to offer up great taste and natural healing properties.

Sage is quite common amongst herbalists and therefore is often prescribed for its wide-reaching health benefits. As holistic medicine is becoming quite popular, many are turning to sage as a natural and preferred alternative to medications.

Sage Tea
Sage tea has gained in popularity amongst the many different types of herbal teas. Though many people have turned to sage tea for years due in large part to its taste and natural ability to relieve stress, this flavorful tea may help to offer up much more than that.

The herbal tea may be of great help in naturally healing a sore throat. Sage in tea form, as many other types of herbal teas, is also very helpful with digestive problems. This type of tea may help to relieve constipation, get rid of abdominal cramps, and even help with nausea.

Sage Extract
Sage extract is most commonly the variation that people are prescribed for their health and medicinal needs. The extract form can be found at many health food stores, but it is important to speak to a healthcare professional about proper dosage.

Extract of sage specifically is of great help in physical ailments such as inflammation, which may be in the form of arthritis. It may also help with oral inflammation such as gingivitis, as it helps to reduce the source of the problem and therefore allows the body to heal itself.

Though sage extract is only one form of this herb, it is often what people turn to for their medicinal needs. It can offer the quickest and most effective relief with inflammation which happens to be at the center of many different ailments.

Sage Essential Oil
Sage essential oil has a very powerful makeup of chemical substances that heal naturally. Sage is well known for offering a natural form of antioxidants.

The essential oil is often turned to as a gargle, thus demonstrating its natural ability to soothe and get rid of a sore throat.

Sage oil may also work well in a direct application for any number of oral inflammations, providing relief almost immediately upon contact.

What’s so great about the essential oil directly is that it offers natural antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. So turning to sage herb essential oil may be helpful as a preventative measure or even as a method to naturally boost the immune system.

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