Benefits of Aloe Vera Gel For the Skin

The benefits of aloe vera gel for the skin are numerous, and the herb has been in use for centuries for its soothing and antibacterial qualities. There are over 200 varieties of the aloe vera plant. The use of aloe vera for skin care dates back to the ancient Egyptians and Greeks.

Some of the benefits of aloe vera gel include:

  • Healing wounds such as burns and cuts by promoting new cell growth and preventing an infection taking hold. It is cooling on burns and reduces the possibility of blistering.
  • Reducing the possibility of scarring by promoting cell regeneration, moisturizing, and cleansing the skin.
  • Soothing sunburn in the same way as treating a normal burn. The gel can also be used on heat rash.
  • Killing bacteria that can cause infections. It is also useful for cleansing the skin.
  • Soothes itchy and dry skin, as it is an excellent moisturizer and can treat a number of conditions which display these symptoms such as eczema, psoriasis, or simply dry skin that is irritated.
  • Can feed the skin with nutrients and can even skin tone, which makes it a popular ingredient in a number of skin preparations. Aloe vera gel contains vitamins and minerals which are essential for maintaining the good condition of the skin.

Aloe Vera and Psoriasis
The gel of the aloe vera plant can be used to sooth psoriasis-affected skin. Several studies have been carried out into the benefits of an aloe moisturizer which show that is an effective treatment, particularly when combined with taking an aloe vera supplement internally. It is cooling and is a useful topical treatment.

Aloe Moisturizer
A number of skin creams and preparations already contain aloe. Aloe moisturizer is one of the most popular skin creams available. However, the benefits of aloe vera gel are minimized when it is combined with other ingredients, as they may counteract its effects.

Aloe vera gel is a gentle ingredient but may be overpowered when used in a cream that also contains alcohol. Aloe vera is one of the easiest herbal remedies to use at home, as the plants are simple to grow and maintain and one can just break off a leaf and squeeze out the gel. The plant is a useful addition to a kitchen where minor burns are frequent.

Aloe Oil
Aloe oil is another useful derivative of the plant. It is made by macerating the plant and infusing it into a carrier oil. The oil can be used on wounds in the same way as the gel and is excellent for cell regeneration. The aloe oil can be used as part of a massage therapy to treat skin conditions like eczema. Aloe vera medicine is useful in the treatments of a number of conditions.

Those with allergies to garlic or onion should not use aloe vera medicine in case of a reaction, but when using the herb externally there are fewer considerations than when using internally. If there are any signs of an allergic reaction, then discontinue use and consult a doctor.

Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

Medicinal Uses of Aloe Vera

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